Sunday, October 4, 2009

Dislike and Likes of Mayweather

Many peopole does not like Mayweather becasue of his arrogance. He talks a big but also backs it up. If your a good guy your most likely not to like Mayweater due to his flashy lifestyle and big talk about himself and his Money. Floyd Mayweather has made A new name for himself  "Floyd Money Mayweather" things like that makes people not like him.

If you like trash talk and entertainment you'll learn to love Floyd Mayweather. In all he's a good guy behing the cameras in the everyday life, which shows his ways of live on HBOs 24/7. He most likey like to entertain Floyd is A great guy and A great fighter and is ready for anyone who steps in his way to put a blimish in his recoreded career which reamains with 40 wins and 0 loses.
Pretty Boy Floyd A.K.A Money Mayweater

Mayweather Pro Career

Mayweather Pro Career is a great one that consist of A undefeated one.

Floyd has 40 wins 0 loses he is rank boxings #1 pound for pound fighter in the world. He has went from Super Featherweight to Super Welterweight without losing a fight. He has came a long way to prove himself as A great boxer. He has fought some of the worlds best fighters such as Zab Judah, Dieaggo Corales, Ricky Hatton to Oscar De LeHoya he has proven himself in so many aspect I beleive their's nothing else for him to prove.

Floyd Mayweather Amatuer Career

As a amatuer Floyd had a succesful amatuer career of 84-6 he was raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He won national Golden Glove championships in 1993 at 106 lb and 1996 at 125 lb. Mayweather was given the nickname "Pretty Boy" his amatuer teammates becasue he had relatively few scars, a result of his defense taught by his father Floyd Sr. also his uncle Roger Mayweather who trained Floyd through his first few pro fights because of his father was put in jail for trafficing drugs.

Boxings Best

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Boxings best Pound for Pound....

Floyd Mayweather Jr. born February 24, 1977 A American pro boxer that has an undefeated record as a pro with a record of 40-0(25 KO's). He is the son of Floyd Mayweater, Sr a former welterweight boxing contender.

From july 18, 2005 throught June 2, 2008 Floyd Mayweather Jr. was rated by The Ring magazine as the number-one pound for pound boxer in the world. Mayweather has won six world championships in five different weight classes; he is the former WBC champion as we speak. A belt he vacated on his retirement. Mayweather was also Ring Mag Fighter of the Year of 1998 and 2007. ESPN also listed Floyd #48 on their "50 Greatest Boxers of All Time" list.